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MaestroDev SaaS

DevOps Orchestration as a Service

Maestro is available as SaaS, and also for installation on-premise behind the firewall or on your private cloud.


Our SaaS is provided on the Google Cloud Platform. GCP provides unprecedented performance, network throughput, and scalability for ideal dev/test and Continuous Integration workloads. 


The Maestro Orchestration Service is available with utility pricing that allows you to start small, and gradually use Maestro more as you automate more processes.



Each customer account lives on a private GCP network that runs the Maestro application and worker agents, which are provisioned dynamically to support your workload in real time.





Maestro is accessible to your other toos via HTTPS, and secure VPN connections are easy to establish between your on-premise tools, or other cloud services where your devops toolchain works.





Maestro scales as you use it.  As you schedule jobs, trigger workflows remotely, and kick off ad-hoc "Runs," Maestro responds to your workload by dynamically adding more agents to perform the requested work-type immediately when you need it... with no additional cost to you!

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